JD Silva

The Rants Of A Nerdy Man


Growing up as an only child I find myself ranting out loud to no one about all sorts of things from movies, gaming, music and everything in between so after years of talking out loud for no one to hear I decided where better to rant out loud to no one then the internet.

The names JD Silva, I’m a 23-year-old nerd with too much time on his hands and not enough focus, I’m not sure I can tell you what to expect from this blog. I want to say mostly posts about Movies and Video Games however I like a lot of things and like to talk to much so you can maybe expect the occasional, lifestyle blog or music blog. I’m going to try to make something new and release at least three posts each week.

No matter the type of blog I can promise two things, poor grammar and a sense of humor that tends to fall flat.


Until Next Time, Keep Safe and Stay Odd.