I love Star Wars, my earliest memory is laying on the couch covered with a blanket watching a VHS of Empire Strikes Back┬áthat my mother had recorded off the TV, I still remember the commercial break after Yoda uses the force to raise Luke’s X-Wing from the swamp. Star Wars has been an important part of my life growing up, it helped me bond with my mother, it helped me make friends, sparked my love of reading thanks to the giant expanded universe and Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic was the first RPG I played and showed me video games can be great, I even found love thanks to Star Wars. When I say I love Star Wars I mean it and when I say the new movies are bad, I sadly mean it.

I do like the new movies and while I hope future movies can improve, even if they simple stay the course then I’m sure they will be just fine. My issue with these new movies is simply that they feel too much like Star Wars, I realize that sounds dumb but give me a chance to explain before you hate bomb me.

The reason I feel the Original Trilogy worked and still works to this day is because George Lucas and the people involved were trying to make something new, something different. They took ideas and concepts from many different sources, shaped and molded them to fit this new galaxy. The ideas of Star Wars aren’t new, the hero’s journey, a mystical power, good versus evil but they took these ideas and tried to make something that felt and looked different from everything else.

The new movies in the franchise feel and look like Star Wars, rather than take inspiration from different places they simple take from Star Wars to make Star Wars. When I see these new movies, while I enjoy myself and smile at fan service I don’t feel like I am seeing something new, something different I’m just watching Star Wars. In a world of over the top comic book action movies Star Wars has a chance to do something that feels and looks different, instead we get a soft reboot, a movie based on one line from the crawl of A New Hope and a Han Solo Origin Story, the snake eats its own tail to grow bigger.

I hope they get better, I really do.

Until Next Time, Stay Safe and Keep Odd